Saturday, August 11, 2012

Addis Abeba, an Ethiopian restaurant in Dallas

I recently had Ethiopian food for the first time at Addis Ababa, a restaurant in Dallas around I-75 and Beltline.  The food was excellent, and I had a great time learning to eat with my fingers.  I started with an order of vegetarian sambusas, which are flaky fried pastries filled with lentils, onions, and jalapenos.  They were delicious, similar in texture to Indian samosas, but with a unique flavor.  I also had a small cup of traditional Ethiopian coffee, which was similar in taste to Turkish coffee--in other words, very good.

Next, my husband and I ordered the Misto, a combination plate of yebeg alitcha and yebeg wot, and the yebeg tibs.  The yebeg alitcha is chopped lamb cooked in a mild sauce with spiced butter, and it was my favorite part of the meal.  The lamb was juicy and tender, and the sauce flavorful and delicious without overwhelming the taste of the meat.  The yebeg wot was my husband's favorite part of the meal, and I also enjoyed it immensely.  It was a spicy red lamb stew, made with berbere sauce, a traditional Ethiopian condiment.  It contrasted beautifully with the yebeg alitcha. Finally, the yebeg tibs was lamb sauteed with onions, garlic, and jalapenos.  It was quite good as well, though we both preferred the other dishes.  The meal was served with injera, a spongy crepe-like bread made from Tef, an Ethiopian grain.  To eat the meal, we scooped up some of the sauces, stews, and or lamb in small pieces of Tef.  I really enjoyed the Tef--it had a flavor somewhat like sour-dough whole wheat bread, and the spongy texture was interesting.  It complimented the stews beautifully.

Finally, because we were at the restaurant celebrating a friend's birthday, the restaurant brought out a delicious tiramisu. I was very impressed with this restaurant, which had very friendly service in addition to excellent food. I'm eager to try more Ethiopian food--it was exotic and delicious, and served in a fun way.  

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