Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Celebrating Octoberfest, Visiting Bavarian Grill

I spent my weekend at the Oktoberfest celebration in Addison, TX, which is one of the largest Oktoberfest events outside of Munich.  This is my third year at the Addison Oktoberfest, and I think that this year had the largest crowds that I've ever seen.  Addison Circle was stuffed with people, most of them jolly and drunk on the excellent beer and wine that was available.  The weather was decent, the food was good, and I was happy to be around family and friends.

Even after our weekend sampling the delicious bratwurst and sauerkraut at Oktoberfest, my husband and I still wanted to try more German food, so we visited the Bavarian Grill in Plano.  The  good people at Bavarian Grill celebrate Oktoberfest by offering their customers eighteen different types of schnitzel, which we were more than happy to eat.  I had the Weiner Art schnitzel with spatzle and red cabbage.  My schitzel was very traditional--breaded pork, served with lemon and capers.  But although it was not the most unusual schnitzel, it had a comforting homey-goodness that I loved.  It was tender, but crisp on the outside, and the lemon and capers added a beautiful tang to the dish.  My side of spatzle was amazing--this humble German pasta was tender but still chewy, and the light buttery flavoring was addictive.  The red cabbage added a nice tangy, acidic bite to the meal, and kept the richness from feeling overwhelming.
 My husband enjoyed the Pfeffer schnitzel, which was unbreaded, but served in a wonderfully rich, peppery sauce.  He also had the vegetables, and I was very impressed with the delicious flavor that the simple vegetables had--they must have been cooked in a rich meat broth that left them tender and delicious.  In addition, we had excellent breads offered with our meal--in particular, I loved the pretzel roll.

There was a live musician, Jim Rommel, singing and playing German music on an accordion.  Jim's performance was lively and enjoyable, and he encouraged audience participation.  

The only problem we had at Bavarian Grill was that our waiter was rather inattentive--he rarely filled our drinks or checked on us, and we had to wait for our check.  Still, there was a large party sitting next to us, so it's possible that one couple was easy to overlook. In addition, the food is a bit expensive.

Overall, I was very happy with our experience there, and I look forward to sampling some more German food and music in the future.

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