Monday, October 29, 2012

Potstickers and Boba Tea: Best Potstickers in Dallas

I discovered this excellent restaurant while I was working in Frisco as a violin teacher.  It's very unassuming from the outside--just a restaurant in a strip mall.  But the potstickers are the best I've ever had.  They are crispy on the outside (unless you prefer them steamed), and stuffed with juicy, flavorful ground pork, or chicken, or other meat.  They are the potstickers of my dreams, and even my husband agrees that they are the best in Dallas.  They come with a delicious chili sauce that beautifully compliments the rich, delicious potstickers.

In addition to the potstickers, I love the tomato egg drop soup--the tomato adds a wonderful sweetness and acidity to the egg drop soup. It's a very comforting meal.  The onion pancake is delicious as well--it's crispy and flavorful.  My husband enjoyed his stir-fry plate, and he was glad that the restaurant allowed him to order extra vegetables instead of rice, which is helpful if you're on a low-carb diet.

Of course, Potstickers and Boba Tea also has boba tea.  I prefer the almond milk tea, which I really enjoyed.

If you are in Frisco, there's really only one authentic Chinese food place, and that's this one.  But consider yourself lucky, because I never had such delicious potstickers anywhere in San Francisco.   

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