Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Texas Renaissance Festival

This past Saturday my husband and I visited the Texas Renaissance Festival for their 1001 Dreams themed weekend.  We visited the festival last year for their Celtic Christmas, right after our wedding (we called it our mini-moon).  

I love Renaissance and Medieval fairs.  I've been going to them since college when I went to the Norman Medieval Fair, and I'm happy that my husband enjoys them as much as I do.

Texas Renaissance Festival is one of the largest festivals in the country--it's huge, and has tons of booths and shows, as well as delicious food.  This year we saw Tartanic, a very enjoyable Celtic/Scottish band that I had heard about from one of my friends in the San Angelo Symphony.  The food was also delicious--I had pierogis from the Polish section of the fair, and a scotch egg.  The only problem was the weather; the festival is close to Houston, TX and it ended up being very warm, especially if you happened to be wearing a velvet Medieval dress.  Despite the weather, we had a great time and hope to go back next month (when it should be cooler).

Last year, I thought the Celtic Christmas weekend was quite beautiful, and I loved buying some wonderful Celtic-themed ornaments for our tree.

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