Wednesday, December 12, 2012

There is a War on Christmas

There is a War on Christmas

There is a War on Christmas
That Conservatives always fight
To rob the poor of assistance
By Christmas Night

Though Jesus may have loved the poor
The humble and the meek
His followers now prefer to call them
Lazy, stupid, and weak

No home is sacred
No low-income family safe
From vicious, mean-spirited policies
To turn them all to waifs

For millionaires need tax cuts
Republicans like to think
And if you're not a millionaire
They'll throw you down the sink

The elderly, poor, and middle class
They secretly despise
Though they try to win their votes
With cruel and ugly lies

Generosity is for suckers
Democrats and the like
And Santa Claus is just a lie
To placate little tykes

They say they value families
But only certain forms
They'll gladly destroy the lives
Of those who don't conform

So if you value freedom
Imagine those who are gay
Can't marry the one they love
On a beautiful wedding day

Republicans would deny their rights
Cause their families to shatter
Because if your family has two mommies
They think that you don't matter

All families have great beauty
When they're built on love
So don't destroy their happiness
In the name of God above

It's also single women
They're fighting in their war
They'll take away their birth control
And equal rights, no more

They're wrong on immigration
But Republicans believe
If Latinos don't like them
The GOP can make them leave

They think you're not American
If your skin's not lily-white
And if you don't believe as they do
They'll take away your rights

They'll take away our healthcare
So the uninsured will succumb
So many will be bankrupt
When the medical bills come home

The fiscal cliff will be their excuse
To raise the Medicare age
Costing seniors thousands of dollars
To placate Republican rage

So please stop this War on Christmas
Because what makes our country great
Is our freedom and our safety net
Not your politics of hate

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