Sunday, March 24, 2013

Knitting and Sewing: Baby Sweater, Jumper, and Receiving Blankets (Update: Nursing covers)

Update: Since I first posted this, I've finished all four receiving blankets and two breastfeeding covers based on a pattern from blisstree. I'm very happy with how all of them turned out! Looking back at my receipt, I realized I only spent about forty dollars on fabric, but got a total of four receiving blankets and two nursing covers. Considering that many of the nursing covers alone were at least twenty five dollars, that's quite a lot of savings. Here are some pictures of the finished products.

This is everything I made (four blankets, two nursing covers):

Here's one of the nursing covers close up. It has some boning in the neck to make it easier to peek under the cover to check on how the baby is doing. I used regular D-rings to make the neck adjustable, and a darker fabric to make sure it wasn't see-through:)

This is the other nursing cover I made. It's similar to the first, but with a pleasant green pattern on the fabric.

Here are some individual pictures of all the receiving blankets I made. This one has a cute pattern of elephants and giraffes!

These were ridiculously easy to make! All I did was sew a hem around one yard of soft, baby-friendly fabric. There were tons of cute choices in the fabric store to choose from, so I felt like I had more variety and choices than I would have gotten if I'd bought them pre-made. These are also a bit bigger than most store bought receiving blankets, which I had heard was very important.


I've been working on two new knitting projects since I finished the elephant, cat, and frog toys, and I'm starting several sewing projects as well.

My first finished project is a baby cardigan with a lovely cable pattern, which I found in a book called Baby Knits by Lois Daykin. The book has several lovely patterns, and I'm eager to try more of them. I made this sweater using a dark purple acrylic/wool blend recommended for babies. It turned out a bit bigger than I expected--I used the pattern for a 6 month size, and I think it is large enough for a 12 month baby. Since I'd much rather have a sweater run big than small, I'm still very happy with it. Here's a close up of the cable pattern:

I've also been working on a jumper pattern from the same book. It's not quite finished, but here are some pictures of the work in progress:

Finally, I've decided to try sewing some receiving blankets and a breastfeeding cover with my new sewing machine. I've bought some adorable patterned flannels, and I'm eager to get started! I'll post more pictures when everything is finished. Here's a picture of the raw fabrics:

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