Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sherwood Forest Faire: The Last Weekend

David, Alexis, Brooks, Candelaria, and Chris

Since we had such an excellent time at Sherwood Forest Faire during our last trip, my husband and I decided to go back this past Saturday, this time with a group of our friends. Once again, we had a great time, and I can't wait for next year's fair.

This time, we tried the food at HawdyLo and Hubble's Hearth. My husband tried the frog's legs, which were very good, and our friends Candelaria and Chris got the Irish stew and a veggie kabob. I was a bit disappointed, because I wanted to try the Welsh Rarebit, but they didn't have any. But no matter, the fair had lots more delicious looking food to try.

In the pub next door, I listened to some of the band Saxon Moon. It had three guys playing guitar and mandolin-like instrument called a Laud, and the music sounded Gypsy-like, but with a fun rock edge.

A Water-Wheel

Since I didn't eat at HawdyLo's, I decided to try the fried artichokes at Merlin's Favorites. Some of the thinner artichokes leaves turned crispy in the batter, but the larger hearts were beautifully crisp on the outside, and tender and soft on the inside. They came with a tasty remoulade that I enjoyed very much. 

Next, we listened to some of the band Wine & Alchemy. They played a mix of Greek, Gypsy and Celtic and Renaissance music I found both exciting and haunting. Their singer also performed a beautiful dance where she spun around with two lovely scarves. 

After the show, we ran into some charming fairies at the Paleo Puffin, Oops the Fairy and her sister  Bubbles the Fairy.

Her bodice has a map of Tolkien's Middle Earth drawn on it!

Hungry from our many wanderings, we stopped for food at Como's Italiano Ristorante. Their pizza came highly recommended, so we ordered a large one for all of us to share. I love it--the crust was thin but still tender, and the wood-fired stove gave it a depth of flavor you rarely find in fast food pizza. 


We decided to check out some of the many shops around the fair. When I needed to stop for a rest, I decided to listen to the Scottish band Drones and Drums. They were charming and light-hearted, and actually marched around the audience for part of their set. 

Once again, my husband loved firing arrows at the archery range, and this time Chris gave it a shot as well. They gave David a gold coin for being the best shot they'd had that day.

Of course, we couldn't miss the joust, which had been one of our favorite shows last time. This time, our knight, Sir William Dudley, shattered his lance over half way down and knocked his opponent of his horse. The other knight, Sir Victor Thorne, fell so hard that for a moment we worried he'd been hurt. It certainly made for an exciting show! What makes this joust so unique is watching the knights actually hit each other with their lances. It feels far more unpredictable and improvisational than many of the jousts we've seen at other festivals. So much fun!

Once again, we had a great time at Sherwood Forest Faire, and we're sure to come back next season! Until then, Scarborough Fair starts next week.

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  1. That looks like a lot of fun. So many entertaining activities and tasty foods. Nice photos and post.