Sunday, May 5, 2013

Scarborough Renaissance Festival 2013

David, Alexis, Brooks, Chris, and Candelaria

Once more to the Renaissance Festival! 

This time, we all went to Scarborough Renaissance Festival, in Waxahachie, TX. We've been to Scarborough before, but this year we had the most beautiful weather we've ever had, and a wonderful group of friends to enjoy the festival with us.

David got a great new cloak at Zootzu, and I bought a beautiful leather bound journal at Poetic Earth.

Candelaria got a beautiful new hat at the Scot Shoppe.

I love listening to the music at Renaissance Festivals. I enjoyed listening to Cantiga, a Renaissance band featuring gamba, fiddle, flute, and harp. Their traditional melodies were haunting and beautiful.

We visited the Mermaid Lagoon, which featured some lovely ladies in charming costumes. We had never seen the mermaids before, so I think that was a new area.

We bought a drinking horn at the Horn Shoppe a few years ago. We used it to perform a mead ceremony at our wedding!

I heard some lovely choral singing at the Captain's Pub pavilion--these singers did mostly Pirate songs.

This is the "house band" of the Captain's Pub Pavilion, the Scarborough Celtic Troop. They were my favorite performers! They played very lively, upbeat music, especially Irish jigs. I especially admired the violin player's excellent fiddling.

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