Saturday, June 15, 2013

Happy Bloomsday!

On June 16, 1904, James Joyce went on his first date with his wife-to-be, Nora Barnacle. Because this date had such personal significance for Joyce, he chose to commemorate it in his great masterpiece, Ulysses. Thus, the novel takes place on this single day. 

Fifty years after Joyce's date and the events imagined in Ulysses, and group of dedicated Joyce fans decided to celebrate their love for this book by following the path that Leopold Bloom, the novel's main character, took through Dublin that day (they only made it halfway before succumbing to exhaustion and alcohol). Other Joyce fans soon joined the fun, and Bloomsday is now celebrated in 60 countries as a day to celebrate Joyce's writing and have a pint in his honor. 

In Dublin, the James Joyce Centre organizes events like lectures, readings, and walking tours in the run up to and day of Bloomsday.  

To me, Bloomsday is a sign that our society is still capable of celebrating great works of literature. It's a reminder that even a work as complex as Ulysses is meant to be enjoyable as well as profound.


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