Sunday, June 2, 2013

Moby Kitty (Update: Baby Bjorn Kitty)

 As you may know from my previous posts, I've enjoyed knitting and sewing things for our first baby (she's due in June). At my baby shower, one of our friends got me enough material to make two moby wraps. I've just finished the first one, and my husband and I decided to test it--using our adorable kitty, Mead.

What's funny is that once we got him in there, he kind of enjoyed it! I carried our kitty around the house, and he just stayed very calm in the wrap!

I convinced David to try it on as well!

In addition to the Moby wrap, I've recently finished two crib sheets based on a pattern I found here.

(Update) Testing the Baby Bjorn

Of course, once we got a baby bjorn, we had to test that with our sweet kitty Mead, too.

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