Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Bringing Home Our Kitties

My husband and I now have two wonderful cats, Lynx and Mead. This is the story of how we brought them home. Lynx is a Maine Coon mix who once belonged to one of my husband's best friends. She found him in a box on the side of the road with three other kittens, and took them all home. After a while, she found homes for the other cats, but she kept Lynx for around eight years. But she had to move in with her parents and they had two dogs. Her parents didn't want a cat, and she was afraid poor Lynx would be miserable around so many dogs, so she asked David if I might want her cat (we weren't married then). I said yes--I'd always wanted a Maine Coon, and I knew he needed a good home. These pictures are from the day I first got him.

He was a little nervous at first, so he buried his head in my arm. He still does that when he's scared. It took a little adjusting when he first arrived at my apartment. He cried, especially at night, and hid in my cupboards. But shortly after I brought him home, we had a huge snowstorm. It got cold, and Lynx sat at the edge of my bed crying. He wouldn't hop up there by himself, so I picked him up and put him under the covers with me. He slept in my arms like a teddy bear. After that, I think we really bonded.

Fluffy belly! Lynx has tons of fluffy fur. It's adorable and soft, but unfortunately he gets lots of hairballs, and of course it's very hot in Texas most of the year. David and I decided to try shaving him. It did not go well. Still, he doesn't look too bad shaved, and he eventually forgave us.

We'd talked about getting another cat after we got married. I'd started working long hours, and Lynx got so lonely he'd be desperate for attention when we got home. David decided to take advantage of Lynx's willingness to do almost anything for attention, so he bought him a squirrel costume to wear. One day, when I was working late at a job I hated, David sent me these pictures to cheer me up.

We decided that if Lynx was lonely enough to wear a squirrel costume for attention, maybe he needed another cat to keep him company. I know you think that cats are all totally solitary, and that  they don't like being around other cats, but let me assure you that with Lynx, that's not true. I looked around the internet for another Maine Coon, but we found our next kitty by chance at a Dallas Cat Lady adoption event at PetSmart.  This is our first glimpse of Orange Crush, soon to be renamed Mead.

He was sweet, gentle, and adorable. I knew he'd be great for us when I saw a little girl carrying him around the store like a doll--he didn't even scratch her. He'd been a street cat, so he was still pretty skinny when we took him home.

Mead made himself right at home! He was so affectionate we called him the purr monster. He's so laid back lets us do things like put in our Moby Wrap and our Baby Bjorn.

We kept Mead and Lynx separated for all of one day. There was one incident of hissing, and then they were friends. They play with each other, and lick each others' ears. I'm lucky to have such loving cats.

Recently, we brought home our newborn daughter, Anwen Elara. Lynx got pretty jealous towards the end of my pregnancy, and he started acting out. I was really frustrated, since no new mother wants to deal with an angry cat. I turned to google, and discovered a product called feliway. It seemed to calm Lynx down, and he's been behaving again. He's even gotten over some of his fear of our sweet baby.  

Feliway comes in a spray or a plug-in. I bought the plug-in, and it's worked great for Lynx's issues.