Saturday, July 13, 2013

To My Newborn and Family

Like many pregnant women, I spent much of my pregnancy reading parenting books, blogs, and articles. I took classes on breastfeeding, car seats, and childbirth. I learned a lot from some of these things. Yet, for all this there was one thing I wasn't prepared for--how wonderful newborns are. How beautiful your baby is when you first see her. How soft and smooth her skin is. How it feels to kiss her sweet face.

It's difficult sometimes--my husband and I only get a few hours' sleep at a time, and having a surprise c-section really knocked me off my feet. But we love her so much, and I'm so grateful to have her in my life. I love her so much as a baby I wish she'd stay that way, but I also can't wait to see her grow up.

I'm also grateful to all our friends and family, who've gone out of their way to help our new family.

Anwen's grandparents (Don, Debbie, and Kris, pictured above) have helped us enormously, and given her so much love and affection. It warmed my heart to see how happy she made them, and how beautifully they welcomed her into the world. After my surprise c-section, we ended up needing a lot more help at home than we'd expected. Anwen's grandmas, Kris and Debbie, stayed with us to help take care of the baby and help out.

My sister, Vanessa, has been a wonderful aunt. She gave us some really adorable decorations for Anwen's nursery, and she was one of the first people to visit Anwen in the hospital. I know that she and Anwen will be great friends as our baby grows up.

Our friends Chris, Tony, Stephen, Kailyn, Candelaria, James, and Chase helped us move into our new apartment when I was nearly eight months pregnant. It's a wonderful, powerful thing to have friends in your life who'll help you with onerous things like moving:)

Finally, I'm so grateful for my husband, David. 

He's been a great daddy to Anwen, and very supportive to me. He's been deeply involved with every part of childcare, and I'm so happy that our daughter with grow up with two loving, attached parents.

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