Sunday, August 11, 2013

Twitter Haiku (Writing Exercise)

Lately I've been writing haiku on twitter. I started when I came across some good ones in my feed, and I decided to give writing them a try. It's been a great writing exercise, since I can write them in brief moments when Anwen is feeding or napping, yet they require careful word choice to be effective. Haiku need economy since they're so short. I haven't written much poetry either, so this is a nice change from how I usually write.
Here are my favorites of the ones I've written:

A thousand regrets
For every time I hurt you
and every lost kiss

Slips through my fingers
All the time I have with you
Never seems enough

Soft pink baby face
I'll never stop kissing you
Love is forever

Beloved my child
Her smile is stars in my sky
Bright eyes the dawn

My precious infant
Warm milk breath against my skin
Kiss on your soft cheek

Sing to the baby
Watch her gurgle, smiling joy
Tiny feet kicking

My sister's visit
Recall our shared memories
And create new ones

You've trapped me
In a crowded, noisy room
Solitude calls me

In a time of pain
You reached through my darkness
And soothed my fears

Hot Texas sun burns
The painful heat sears my face
Is this place in hell?

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