Friday, September 20, 2013

Five Lines, Ten Poems

standing in line
at the grocery store
i want to talk
to the checkout girl
ask her about her life

by a sea of strangers
all these people
unknown forever
their lives a mystery

i had dismissed her
a clumsy violin student
until i realized
i had failed her
not the other way around

why dwell on the pain
live the memories of bliss
mistakes forgiven
anger curdles the mind
with sour resentments

stress carves
deep cracks in my mind
fear of judgement
i hide beneath my anger
desperate for one kind word

boldest bright colors
a warning from nature
dangerous poison
but human evil hides
behind a smile

why is my work
invisible to you
daily grind
laundry, cleaning, teaching
endless struggles

children learn music
like caterpillars
becoming butterflies
creeping along the ground
until the day they fly

beloved smiling face
i treasure every moment
we have together
for time steals away so fast
once it's lost, forever gone

going through laundry
a basket full of clothes
too small already
the days fly by so quickly
my baby grows too fast

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  1. I like your poetry. I have written a few haikus but no tankas. My blog is called Poetry Perfected. I just moved it to WP, too, last month, but still have a blogspot site...

    1. Thank you! I'll be sure to check out your blog.