Monday, October 28, 2013

Texas Renaissance Festival 2013

This year I attended the Texas Renaissance Festival's 1001 Dreams weekend with my husband and baby, as well as many of our friends. I had a fantastic time, and I loved showing my daughter around her first Ren Fair.

Beautiful Fairies!

Pirate Fairies!

We had delicious empanadas from the Empanada Lady! This year, we had traditional and we tried the banana empanadas. Banana empanadas are amazing and might be my new favorite fair food.

Catching a performance by Circa Paleo!

Crazy bat costume!

Pony cart.

I had my hair beautifully braided!

Giant Scotsman costume (Finn Mac Cumhaill? Cuhullin?)

Incredible Dark Elves! I love these costumes and makeup!

Giant dragon costume!

My gypsy costume

Dragon Anwen!

David and me

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