Monday, February 17, 2014

Sherwood Forest Faire 2014

This past weekend, my husband and I celebrated Valentine's day by going to our first Renaissance Festival of 2014--Sherwood Forest Faire. We went there twice last year, and this year is our little girl's first trip!
We arrived at Sherwood hungry, so we went straight to one of our favorite places from the year before, Como's Italian Ristorante:

The melanzana and the pizza were as delicious as ever, and this year my husband tried the lasagna, which he liked--it had tons of cheese. Still, I think the melanzana, which is crispy fried eggplant, is the best. After we ate, we got coffee at the Paleo Puffin (seriously good coffee) and listened to Saxon Moon.

Saxon Moon's music appeared to be greatly appreciated by a Scottish Storm Trooper.

Next we went to Casta Diva. I'd bought a corset there a couple of years ago, but I still haven't lost all my baby weight, so it didn't fit anymore. Thankfully, the people at Casta Diva were very helpful and professional. I was thrilled that they could adjust my corset so it fit once more!

Casta Diva was right next to the pony rides, and they said that our little girl could ride a pony while I walked beside it to keep her on. It was every bit as adorable as a baby riding a pony should be! She leaned over to grab the pony's mane just like a real jockey.

Also near Casta Diva was the Horseman Stage, where we caught a performance by Drones N Drums, a Scottish band. We decided to explore the fair a bit, and Anwen got to take a picture with one of the knights from the joust!

Next, we went to Moresca, where I got a new skirt and blouse, which I totally loved! When we reversed my corset, it matched everything beautifully.

We decided to get our sweet baby a costume as well, so we went to Land of Merriment and found a lovely little dress for her. She looked so adorable!

Such a Happy Baby! She was so excited by the fair and her new costume.

After we got our little girl her costume and took tons of pictures, we explored the fair some more. I got some wonderfully-scented soap called "Faerie Kisses" at Summerwood Soaps.

At around sunset, Sherwood has a great drum circle. Many of the performers from the fair are there, including the gypsy belly dancers. It was a lot of fun, and a great end to the day. 


  1. With these pics, especially the Stormtrooper, I think you are kind of my new hero. LOL. Awesome post!