Thursday, March 6, 2014

Express Yourself: Autographs

I once had an autograph from Alan Rickman, who's famous for playing Professor Snape in the Harry Potter Movies. I saw him in a play in London at the Albery Theater shortly before the first Harry Potter movie came out. The play was a production of Noel Coward's Private Lives, and both Alan Rickman and Lindsay Duncan had starring roles. It was the most screamingly funny play I've ever seen in my entire life, and when the play came to New York the next year Lindsay Duncan won a Tony Award for best comedic actress. 

After we saw the play, we stood outside the theater to see if any of the actors would sign autographs for us. Alan Rickman was the only one who did, and he was very nice about it too. He even took pictures with all of us (my mom might still have the pictures somewhere). I remember it being an incredible night, and part of a wonderful trip to London. 

As for where the autograph is now, I wish I could say for sure. I've moved a million times since then, and I mostly left it at my mother's house. She has a penchant for bursts of cleaning that often involve throwing lots of things out, so I'm afraid my signed program from the play is probably long gone. It's too bad, since I love Alan Rickman even more now that he's been such a brilliant Snape in Harry Potter. Still, I'm glad I have the memory of that night, and it's amazing to think I met someone so talented and famous.  


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    1. That's weird. It showed my comment twice so I deleted one of them, but blogger deleted both of them.... boo! What an awesome experience to meet Alan Rickman. I hope the pic and autograph are still at your mom's house.

    2. Me too! Mom swears that if she doesn't have it my sister does, so I have some hope.