Monday, April 7, 2014

Poem: Poor Sick Baby

Concerned, I knew that she did not feel right
Then came a cough, a fever, a sick child
My poor little girl, she cried hard all night
Her face red with pain, her voice hoarse and wild

I called her doctor to get her advice
To find a remedy for my sweet one
But there's little to do that would suffice
Just prescriptions and care that must be done

So I held my baby while she fought
As she kicked and spit her medicine out
Choking and gagging, so deeply distraught
I cuddled her close, as she thrashed about

I wish I could somehow stop her illness
I hold her and kiss her, so very helpless


  1. Hope mother and child are doing better.

  2. We are, though we're still coughing. We're taking antibiotics that seem to be helping. Thanks for your concern :)