Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sonnet: The Beauty of Chaos

It's been a while since I've written any poetry (at least any I'm willing to post on my blog), so I though it was time I tried writing some again. Writing poetry allows me to think about the rhythm and the sounds of words in a deeper way than writing prose, so I think it's good for all writers to try their hands at it occasionally. Besides, some experiences in life just call out for poetry, and to me chasing an energetic toddler is one of them.  

The Beauty of Chaos

Wild children are the beauty of chaos
Toddlers revel in pure selfish desire
A mother's "no" fuels such intense pathos
They're primal innocence and raging fire

Young hearts contain both terror and passion
For mommy and daddy, the first true loves
Baffling giants in strange adult fashion 
Stare down at a child from high up above

Civilization's veneer stripped away
No corruption gnaws at their inmost souls
No subtlety infects their buoyant play
They are free of lies, good manners, and goals

All loving cuddles and furious fists 
Yet not one moment I'd want to have missed

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