Monday, April 6, 2015

Scarborough Renaissance Festival 2015

Scarborough Renaissance Festival was the first Ren Fair that my husband and I visited together, and it's still one of my favorite places. This year, we saw plenty of new and exciting performances, including this lovely demonstration of Renaissance dance! King Henry VIII looked so realistic, and his commentary was quite funny.

Musicians played Renaissance dance music on authentic period instruments, including a pardessus de viole. They sounded gorgeous, and I was excited to hear true Renaissance music.
We watched many fine artisans crafting their wares, including a sculptor hard at work on a block of stone or concrete. 
Of course, my little girl wanted a pony ride! She had so much fun!

She also got to pet all the animals in the petting zoo. Here's my daughter and her daddy petting a little piggy.
She was fascinated by the emu, which was surprisingly friendly. 
She gave a big hug to a tiny calf as well. It was so small, I think it may have been a mini cow. 
We watched a parade of all the performers! 

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