Saturday, May 2, 2015

The Magical Muse

Dark, light and inspiring fantasy creatures fill The Magical Muse, an anthology of prize winning short stories by authors including Andrea R. Cooper and yours truly.
Where Darkness Hides
An excerpt from The Magical Muse
By Andrea R. Cooper

Where does the night hide, when the lights are on? It is there, in the closet, peeking out from the cracks around the door.

There, deep within, all blackness hides.

I join the night, alone, inside an elevator which burrows down. It reminds me of a coffin sliding through the depths of the earth. As it moves, passing through the floor, it rumbles and shakes—groaning like old wood chewed by fire.

The door opens, to reveal a place where crimson fires burn a dull light. Strange creatures dance with the dark, celebrating this festive night…their Halloween holiday.

Is this a shady dream? Or are these servants of the night demons?

They offer me the wine of pleasures. Its fiery flavor screams down my throat, leaving behind wetness inside my dry mouth. The earthy smell tickles me and steals my breath. My mind swirls, and I close my eyes as I spin deeper into the night.

Authors Bio:
Andrea R. Cooper found the characters she once imagined as a child calling her back to their fantasy worlds of danger, romance, and bewitchment. Her stories, stoked by these familiar friends, reignited a bonfire of love and enchantment. Her novel, The Garnet Dagger received the UP Author’s 2013 Seal of Approval. For more visit

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