Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Sonnet: Summer Morning

In some ways, it's been a busy summer. I've had to work several weekends, since my students had several recitals this summer, and I had symphony performances of my own. Perhaps that's one reason I love lazy summer mornings with my daughter so much--I just want to soak up every moment.

Summer Morning

Her warm milk breath blows softly on my face
The sweetest morning snuggles as I wake
A treasured peaceful time, a slower pace
There's comfort in these moments that I take

The sun is raising pink and gold and fair
A sip of coffee while I watch her play
A scrawl of brilliant colors drawn with care
I listen to each word she learns to say

Look, mommy, see me run and draw and dance
Or splash in cooling water, summer's joy
She sings and climbs on things at ev'ry chance
But then she wants to hold her softest toy

I smile at my beloved little one
As she enjoys the shining morning sun


  1. Last time I saw her she was a tiny baby--can't believe how much she's grown!

    1. Thanks Gerardo! She's gotten bigger, and now she talks to me all the time:) It's pretty amazing to see her turn into a little person, not just a baby.

  2. Love the poem! You're daughter is adorable. I just had a baby girl in March, girls are so much fun. :)

    Sammy @ sammyapproves.com

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you like the poem :)

    2. Precious.

      I wrote poems about my kids when they were young, too, and am so glad I did because time flies by so quickly and it's so easy to forget. Enjoy her!

    3. I do:) She's at such a fun age!