Sunday, October 11, 2015

Viking and Celtic Festival in Heavener, Oklahoma 2015

My husband has been doing Viking reenactment with the Jomsborg Black Wolf Vikings. We've got costumes for ourselves and our sweet baby, which turned out super cute. The group went to Music on the Mountain, a Viking and Celtic Festival in Heavener, Oklahoma, this past weekend.  
My little Viking princess drinking from Mommy and Daddy's horn mug. We had her costume made from the same material as mine, so we matched!
There was a great bird show! This is a Eurasian eagle owl, one of the largest owls in the world. The birds were all rescued and rehabilitated, but this poor guy imprinted on a human. Now he thinks he's a person, and can't live in the wild.
My Little Shield Maiden
My Costume
A group picture of the fighters!
On the battlefield--the show begins.
Sword and Shield vs. Spear and Sword
In front of their traditional Viking tents
The Heavener Runestone--A mysterious stone carved with Viking runes found in the middle of Oklahoma. Though the stone was dated to the Viking period, it's possible the runes were carved by Norwegian settlers or railroad workers from more recent times.


  1. Wow:) Looks amazing. I should really know more about the Vikings as I'm Danish but I don't know much. Brilliant pictures:o)

    1. Thank you! The festival was tons of fun and a great way to learn about Vikings:)