Thursday, November 12, 2015

Puccini's Tosca at the Dallas Opera

My husband and I went to see Puccini's Tosca last night at the Dallas Opera, and we both loved it! The music was gorgeous. I particularly enjoyed Emily Magee's Floria Tosca, who was charming and lovable in the first act, but fiery and tragic as the opera progressed. Her rendition of "Vissi d'Arte" was as pure and beautiful as I could have hoped--she has a truly lovely tone. Raymond Aceto's Baron Scarpia also stood out. He had rich voice that somehow oozed slimy, villainous lust in his scenes with Tosca. Aceto's Scarpia laughed at the pain he caused, like a vicious school yard bully. It made him all the more hateful for being so familiar.

The sets and costumes were excellent as well. After some of the scaled back productions that the Dallas Opera did in previous seasons, it was really wonderful to see them go all out with big set pieces and fabulous period costumes. The scenes with the chorus were wonderful--the background mass had all the beauty and solemnity you'd like, while scenes with the children's choir had plenty of antics and lively fun.

Tosca is a great opera. Though it's a crucial part of the repertoire for opera fans, it's also very approachable for opera newbies. I'd recommend it for anyone!

There are a few more performances this season, and if you'd like tickets, you can buy them online at the Dallas Opera's website.    


  1. That sounds lovely and I'm glad you enjoyed it. I loved Tosca the last time I saw it. But it is a bit far to go.

    1. Haha, that's true. But hopefully you can catch a performance near you sometime:)