Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Lost Cat, Found Cat

He loved hiding in the laundry basket.
This past September, our beloved family cat, Mead, got out. We spent the last few months searching for him. We put up flyers, and I walked the neighborhood in the evenings looking for him. We had lots of hope at first--our neighbors rose to the challenge of looking for him (we put up flyers), and my husband and I frequently dashed out of the house when someone would call saying they'd seen him. Unfortunately, there's another cat in the neighborhood who looked a lot like Mead (this unfortunate cat was caught by well-intentioned neighborhood kids several times), so we were disappointed again and again. Mead is still missing. I have some hope that he'll come home someday. We'd always kept him indoors, but he'd been a street cat before we adopted him, so I think he's still alive somewhere. He's also a particularly beautiful and friendly cat, so it's possible another family took him in thinking he was a stray.
So this one time I put my daughter's baby socks on the cat.
After a few months without a cat, your home feels empty. I missed having a kitty to cuddle, and I wanted my daughter to have a cat to play with. My husband was reluctant at first to get another cat, but I think the emptiness weighed on him too. So we started looking for a cat. We wanted a sweet-tempered kitty who would be comfortable around a two-year-old, and wouldn't scratch or bite. My husband found the website for Lost Paws Rescue, and we started looking through their website. They have adoption days on Saturdays. Shortly before Thanksgiving, I was feeling a little down, so my husband decided to cheer me up by taking us to look at kitties. That's the first time I saw Scribbles

Scribbles, an adorable little Maine Coon mix.
She struck me right away as a sweet little kitty. She let her foster mother hold her, and seemed okay with letting my little girl pet her (even though my daughter was a bit cranky from having just woken up from her nap). But we were going to go out of town for Thanksgiving, and we didn't want to get a kitty just to leave her home alone for days. I was a little sad about letting Scribbles go, because she was so cute and sweet that I was sure someone else would adopt her before we got back. But when we came home from Thanksgiving, she was still listed on the Lost Paws website. I had to go out of town on Saturday (I was in the orchestra for Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Ballet in another city), so I wouldn't be there for the Lost Paws adoption day. But since I'd already met Scribbles, I told my husband he could adopt her on our behalf without me there (if he decided he liked her as well). He hadn't met Scribbles at the last adoption day, but he agreed to go check out the adoption event.
Let me melt your heart by curling into a cuddle ball.
Scribbles completely won over my husband with how sweet and gentle she seemed, so he went ahead and took her home. She was shy for a few hours, and hid under the couch, but once she came out, she seemed to love her new home. My little girl loves playing with her, and we got her a "kitty fishing pole" toy that she uses to dangle a mouse for Scribbles. The little kitty cuddles up to us and sleeps in our bed at night. She tried to drape herself around my hubby's neck like a furry scarf. It's been lovely. I'm so glad to have a kitty again. And if Mead comes home someday, Scribbles will be a good friend for him.
He's learned to be pretty tolerant, after all.



  1. we too got a kitten from an animal rescue place.... and she is a lovely companion..tho totally barmey. In our case, our lovely bro & sis cats dies aged 21 within a couple of months of each other and ,like you, I couldn't bear a catless house. They are so much more than pets..they are friends, family members and therapy.

    1. Yes! They are wonderful purr therapists:)

  2. Awwww, adorable. So glad you found her. What a beautiful kitty!

    1. She is a beautiful little kitty, and so friendly! We're very lucky.

  3. What IS IT with cats and laundry? SO CUTE! :)