Saturday, December 19, 2015

Reasons I Love Parenting a Toddler

My Funny Little Girl

1. Snuggles

I can't speak for every parent, since I know all kids are different, but my little girl is snugly and affectionate. She gives great hugs and sloppy baby kisses. To me, baby kisses are one of the best things in the world, and I'm pretty sure her hugs are a potent cure for sadness, depression, and anxiety. Everything feels better after a baby hug. Everything.

2. Conversations

Hearing her talk is incredible on so many levels. When she first started talking, each new word was exciting. Now that she's talking more, each new idea she understands is amazing. There's something wonderful about talking to your child and hearing about the things she likes (dragons, ponies, play-doh), and realizing she's a little person. A unique, amazing, special little person.

3. Bubble Baths

Bubbles, warm water, bath toys. Cuteness overload. I wish I could take bubble baths every day too.

4. Everything is Amazing

As an adult, lots of things have become routine, typical, ordinary. We never stop to think, "OMG, we have airplanes that FLY through the SKY. Look, it's a flying machine that people made and we can use it FLY to places!" But my toddler looks at airplanes like they're pure magic. Toddlers are a constant reminder that the world we live in is incredible. We have birds, and dogs, and Christmas trees. We use lasers to entertain our cats. Toddlers have a wonderfully fresh, joyful point of view I think we need.

5. Holidays are Magical

Adult movies about the Holidays are almost always about reconciling somehow with your quirky, annoying family or learning to how to stop being a massive jerk. Children's movies are about joy, playing, and having fun. And is Christmas ever the same once you find out Santa isn't real? Well, toddlers bring back the magic of Christmas. It's just much more fun when at least one person believes in Santa and is crazy excited for Christmas morning.

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