Saturday, February 20, 2016

Writing a Second Article for Renaissance Magazine

After I had my first article published in Renaissance Magazine, I wanted to write even more! So I thought carefully about my next idea. I did research even before I wrote my query letter, partly because I wanted to be sure I'd have enough sources to write a good article. In fact, I had to discard several ideas when I realized I wouldn't have enough material (information on Medieval and Renaissance composers can be scarce). Eventually, I decided to write about the Trobairitz--female poets/composers who wrote secular music in the South of France during the 12th and 13th centuries. The whole article is now available in this month's issue of Renaissance Magazine (issue #107), so check it out!

What I love about writing this type of non-fiction is how much you end up learning. In researching the Trobairitz, I discovered fascinating details about women's lives in the so-called long 12th century. These details not only inspired my article, but they gave me exciting ideas for my fiction writing as well. This is one reason I'm glad to write non-fiction; it helps enrich your fictional world, and gives you valuable insights into different historical perspectives. Writing non-fiction also allows me to explore topics I'm interested in while still developing my writing skills. I love music and history, so writing about the Trobairitz gave me a chance to geek out about music history.

So if you're stuck in your fiction writing, consider trying to write some non-fiction, especially something related to your story. If you write scifi, research scientific topics and write about them. If you write thrillers, maybe try a little true crime writing. And of course, writing about real life relationships could help you give characters depth and interesting, realistic interactions.