Friday, March 25, 2016

Sherwood Forest Faire 2016

For the fourth year in a row, my family and I went to Sherwood Forest Faire, a Medieval Fair outside of Austin. We had a great time, and were happy to see some new performances as well as old favorites!
This was my first time seeing Wolgemut, a band that performs period music on instruments like Medieval bagpipes and the Rauschpfeife, a German reed instrument in the shawm family. Their show was enthusiastic and fun, so much my little girl started dancing! I bought one of their CDs, and we've enjoyed listening to it at home.
My daughter dancing to Wolgemut's music, with her sword and shield. That's my warrior princess.
We were delighted to visit one of our fair favorites, Como Ristorante Italiano. The weekend we were there, they brought back one of the most delicious fair foods we'd ever had--arancini, or fried risotto balls. We tried both the beef and the spinach versions, and they were amazing! 
Arancini, or fried risotto balls.
My sweet girl loves going on the pony rides!
I got my hair braided!
My daughter pets one of the jousting horses.
We all enjoy bird shows, though I think this was the first time I'd seen the one at Sherwood. This is a little barn owl--my daughter loves seeing her and the other birds.
My husband bought a set of Medieval-style utensils. He can use them for Viking reenactments, too.
My husband and I, listening to Saxon Moon.


  1. Looks and sounds a great day out #weekendblogshare