Monday, April 11, 2016

Heavener Viking and Celtic Festival April 2016

My family and I recently attended the Runestone Viking and Celtic Festival in Heavener, Oklahoma. We camped in the park, and had a great time. My husband is one of the Jomsborg Vikings, in the Black Wolves.
My husband and I, in our Viking clothes.
Black Wolves, the Ulfgrimr Lag
Black Wolf with his Ax and furs
Preparing for a demonstration fight.
Shield Wall!
The Black Wolves Styrsman and a brother from Austin test the strength of the wall.
Shields are weapons as well as protection.
Viking and early Medieval musical instruments.
One of the stands I found the most fascinating had a wide variety of early Medieval/Viking age musical instruments, including a rebec, a variety of early harps, and several types of lyre. I got to try to play the rebec, an interesting experience for a modern violin/viola player! These were all made by Instruments of Antiquity, which custom builds ancient instruments for a very reasonable price. Someday... 
A lady with an owl from the Royal Gauntlet Birds of Prey show. Put on by a rescue/rehabilitation organization for birds of prey.
This owl is not happy having her picture taken, so she's swelling up to make herself look bigger!
A beautiful falcon.

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