Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Classical Music: the Beautiful Part of the Day

I recently got a full time, non-music job, and that's been wonderful in many ways. It's an exciting new challenge, and I still get to work with students, though in a different subject. But I have missed playing classical music all day, and I'm still working on finding a good place for it in my currently busy with other things life. Yet, even though I haven't practiced as much as I normally do, I still want a regular connection to music. So how can I have that while working full time and caring for my family?

Luckily, listening to classical music is as easy as ever. I have CDs (I'm old fashioned that way--you can pry them out of my cold dead hands), the classical radio station (still going strong in Dallas!). Listening to a Beethoven Symphony on the way home from work gives a bad day a touch of beauty and transcendence like nothing else I can imagine. In a way, not working in music everyday helps me appreciate how beautiful it is. As a working musician I loved music, but I also felt a lot of pressure around it (much of it admittedly self-inflicted). I couldn't just listen to music, I had to listen The Right Way and hear The Right Things. Now, I can enjoy music with a sense of ease I haven't had for a while.

Teaching my daughter violin also keeps me connected to my instrument. Even when she struggles or one of us gets frustrated, I still feel connected to her and connected to the music I'm teaching her. I'm sharing my love of music with someone I love. Seeing her learn music for the first time somehow makes pieces I've listened to or played a million times feel fresh again.

It's tough to be a working musician. I don't miss the uncertainties of a freelance career, or the burdensome process of collecting payments from parents as an independent music teacher. I don't miss the high pressure auditions or anything like that. But I do miss the music. If everyone had the time and energy to play an hour of Beethoven a day, the world would be a better place. No matter what the haters say, classical music isn't dying. 


  1. It must be so hard to not have time for your passion but I'm glad that you are still finding time to listen in the various places that you find yourself. Thanks for joining the #weekendblogshare

    1. You're welcome! It's hard sometimes, but it's nice to feel secure and stop stressing about money too much.